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Lilith, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lilith
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mojave Royal Python
Home: Ontario, Canada
   This is Lilith, my Mojave Royal Python. Lilith is my serpent-sister and my soul-mate and I love her more than words can adequately say.

    A year ago, I went to the Reptile Expo with the intention of looking for a Mojave Royal Python and at the very first table I came to when I walked through the door, there she was! She was so beautiful and active. I even held her and I loved her and felt she was the one meant for me. I felt an instant attraction and a bond with her and wanted to buy her right then, but I thought I should still look around before buying the first animal I saw (though I was very tempted to buy her right away).

    So I spent about twenty to thirty minutes looking around at tables that had other royal pythons. I saw lots of other mojaves and some even a little bigger and cheaper too, but none had captured my heart like that first little girl mojave I saw when I first entered the expo. I kept on thinking of her while I was looking at the others and she was the one I couldn't stop thinking about. She was the one who had instantly grabbed my attention and kept it, even when I was looking at others, so I hurried back to her table and bought her. She was the one meant for me. And I think Lilith knew it too.

    I feel Lilith is a special gift from my spirit guides and they lead me to her that day. Once I had a corn snake named Tequila who I felt a very special bond with, just like I do with Lilith now. Tequila died in 2008 and my heart has been grieving for her ever since. But I still feel her around me, and the date of that Reptile Expo where I found my Lilith was the anniversary of Tequila's death. I feel Tequila lead me to Lilith that day because she knew how much I needed her, how else to explain that the very first animal I saw was the one meant for me, the one I fell in love with? Lilith is definitely a gift to my heart and I feel such a strong bond with her. I know she feels it too. When I take her out of her tank, she presses her mouth against mine as if asking for a kiss. We give each other kisses all the time. She is a very sweet snake, and gentle, too.

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Lilith, the Pet of the Day
Lilith, the Pet of the Day

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