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Jack-Jack, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jack-Jack
Age: Deceased
Gender: Male
Kind: Pygmy Goat
Home: Lakeville, Minnesota, USA
   This was Jackson, Jack-Jack for everyday use. Jack-Jack was a very special little goat. When I first got him, he was so shy and refused to come anywhere near me. It took a full year for him to gain my trust and then the two of us were best of friends.

    Jack-Jack was black and white patched and was very cute and fluffy. He never made any noise, and the only time he talked was when he was lost and it was TO-DIE-FOR-CUTE! His little voice was so high pitched and quiet I just never got enough of it! I first thought that he was un-trainable, until I taught him how to wave. I just waved at him and said, "Hi Jack-Jack!" And he would lift up his foot and wave at me. He loved to jump around and play and he loved to eat pickles, Mango, turnips, potatoes, candy oranges and so forth. He never minded being laid down on my lap or sitting on his rump or carried like a baby.

    I loved him so much until one day in the winter I found him stuck between fences half frozen, barely clinging onto life. There was nothing I could do and he died in my arms, but not before he twitched his left foot, the same foot he always used to wave at me. I guess he was saying goodbye... I will never forget my little baby and I hope he is in greener pastures in heaven!

Jack-Jack, the Pet of the Day
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Jack-Jack, the Pet of the Day
Jack-Jack, the Pet of the Day

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