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Bailey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bailey
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Luton, UK
   Last year when we went on holiday we boarded our rabbits and guinea pigs with a lovely lady, Rachel, that runs a rescue from her back garden. The holiday boarding helps with the cost of running the rescue. When we collected our pets, who had been very well looked after, after our holiday we saw a friendly guinea pig alone in a cage (Bailey) and Rachel said he had been given to the rescue because his owners now had a puppy and it wouldn't leave Bailey alone. He had been neutered and was ready for a new home. As we had an elderly female guinea pig, Primrose, who had recently been widowed we thought it would be nice if he and Primrose could be friends. Rachel agreed, so we tried them together and they bonded almost immediately, so we adopted him. Bailey and Primrose lived happily together for six months before Primrose sadly passed away with a tumour.

    As it's better for guinea pigs to have a friend, we phoned Rachel to ask if she had any gps that needed a home. She told us she'd just taken in two ten-week-old females, Poppy and Penny, who had been bought for a seven-year-old child who had already got bored with them and her parents had given them to the rescue. We took Bailey over to Rachel's to meet them and put them in a large run where we witnessed a lot of running around and squeaking, but no aggression. After an hour or so of this we brought them home and continued to watch them. At first the girls were very flighty and nervous as they were so young and hadn't been handled much, but now they are good at having their hair combed and their nails clipped and being cuddled. They also come right up to us when we take them fresh veggies.

    Now they have been living with Bailey for six months and love going out in their run on the lawn mowing the grass and eating their veg and hay. Wherever one goes the other two follow. As you can see from the pictures, Bailey loves his two girlfriends and they sure do love him. He watches over them very attentively, and has taught them all about being good guinea pigs, how to wheek for food effectively and everything a happy piggie should know.

Bailey, the Pet of the Day
Bailey, the Pet of the Day

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