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Minty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Minty
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Green Rumped Parrotlet
Home: New Hampshire, USA
   This is our little girl, Minty. She is a green rumped parrotlet, and is the sweetest bird ever. She loves to be held and petted, loves to be on your shoulder, and just loves to be with you. She is very friendly and lets anyone hold her. She is so gentle and sweet, that she can even be trusted with young children... she just does not bite.

    Minty loves to go in the shower and get misted. She wants to eat off of your plate, and share your food. She also loves to play on the desk when I am on the computer, and will chase the cursor around the screen, trying to catch it! She is so funny. She has a favorite toy... a fleecy strips toy, that she likes to hide under, especially when she goes to sleep. I think she thinks we can't see her, which is hilarious, because of course, we can!

    We had Minty shipped to us via airlines from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire, and she did great on the trip. Green rump parrotlets are hard to find, but if you can find one, they are well worth the search. They make great pets because they love to play and cuddle and interact with you, but are very gentle and rarely bite. They are very tiny too, which can be a dangerous thing. You have to be very careful when they are out because they can easily be stepped on, sat on, or otherwise injured because of their small size. Minty is only about 4" long (10 cm), and weighs just 22 grams... less than an ounce! We love Minty to pieces, and are so glad that we were able to bring her into our family. I hope that others can learn how great green rumps can be, and that these little gems will remain available in the pet trade for years and years to come.

Minty, the Pet of the Day
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Minty, the Pet of the Day
Minty, the Pet of the Day
Minty, the Pet of the Day
Minty, the Pet of the Day

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