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Tobi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tobi
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Maastricht, The Netherlands
   My pet bunny's name is Tobi. I don't know his age because I got him from the pet shelter. He is a small black dwarf rabbit, with little brown and white hairs. He lives with me in The Netherlands in Maastricht.

    He is special because he survived the scary outside world. The pet shelter found him on the streets with ear mites, a cut in his ears and his nose bleeding. They took great care of him and he healed very well. When they tried to neuter him, they found out one of his testicles was inside his body so they had to do a risky surgery. But they failed to neuter him completely, so no one is sure if he can reproduce or not. After this he was put in a foster home where they took great care of him.

    I was looking for a bunny on the Internet because I live on my own in a apartment and I wanted a friend to keep me company. When I saw his pictures I fell in love, he looked so cute! The first couple of days he was very shy, but after a week he started to come out of his cage on his own. Now he comes out every morning and gets his vegetables on the carpet.

    He is very friendly, curious, smart, obedient but sometimes shy when other people visit me. I've had him for only two months now and after all the misery he had gone through, he is the most kind bunny ever. He never bites and never growls.

    Every morning when I wake up, I open up his cage so he can hop out onto the carpet. He jumps out almost immediately and keeps following me until he gets his vegetables, and we also eat at the same time. When we both finish eating, I spend some time with him on the floor. His favorite toys are a small plush dog and a ball with a bell in it, it's so cute to watch him play with his ball. He picks it up and throws it at me or pushes it around with his nose, it looks like he is playing football. I never get tired of playing with him, he's so cute and I'm lucky to have him.

Tobi, the Pet of the Day

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