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Marty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marty
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: House Mouse
Home: Illinois, USA
   On Jan. 5, 2013, we found a poor, tiny, loudly-crying mouse stuck on an inhumane gluetrap at a local heartless retailer. We took him home and freed him from the trap (using peanut butter and vegetable oil). He suffered injuries to his right arm (wouldn't put weight on it for over three weeks), a bloody nose, sore red skin, and fur loss on his right side. He rested for hours and hours, moving very slowly when he got up to eat/drink. (We didn't know if he was going to survive from the horrible ordeal he endured.)

    After about 30 hours, we put him in a ten-gallon hamster cage, loaded with toys and food, and the little guy came to life! He explored, played, ate/drank! He was so curious about his surroundings and seemed really happy! We named this little miracle mouse Marty!

    Although we believe in rescue/rehabilitate/release, Marty's situation was different: He was very young (approximately three weeks old) and recuperating from his injuries for several weeks; he didn't "act wild," and he was very happy in his new home, so we adopted him as a beloved family member. (Our great veterinarian has examined Marty on several occasions and he has tested negative for parasites, etc. - every disease a wild mouse might have.)

    Marty Mouse is precious! He is always in a good mood, likes being pet, takes food from our hands, and loves life! And - he is very photogenic! My favorite photo is Marty smiling on his exercise wheel - he loves "spinning"! He can spin for hours - and he looks "buff" (haha)!

   We hope Marty's story of good luck and survival inspires humans to boycott gluetraps.        P.S. We have a non-profit photo web site for our adopted small pets with a page dedicated to Sweet Marty.

Marty, the Pet of the Day
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Marty, the Pet of the Day
Marty, the Pet of the Day
Marty, the Pet of the Day
Marty, the Pet of the Day

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