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Pet of the Day
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Jasper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jasper
Age: Three and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ball Python
Home: Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA
   I think Jasper is special due to his color and personality. He is a sweetheart and his color is lush and beautiful for a Yellow Belly Ball Python and I love him for that. At the place I got him, the owner even told me that he was the prettiest ball python that they have sold that was a Yellow Belly, because most of them they have are a lot duller in color. They almost didn't want to let him go! He also has very pretty eyes.

    I also think hes special because he is a great little friend to hang out with, and very calm. I think of him as if he was my baby, just like the rest of my reptiles. Jasper and his sister Twix are the ones I hold and hang out with on a regular basis. His personality is that he's rather shy and sweet, when he's feeling shy he curls up tightly into a ball and stares at you and I find it to be just adorable. I believe his favorite activity would be be hanging out in the living room and slithering around and exploring the couches and near the TV, then he curls up near it to get warm. He flinches when being picked up but after a moment or two will unwind and relax and start flicking his tongue and start to climb up to on your head or your shoulders to hang out up there. He's even good with strangers. He seems to really like my friends when they come over, he will always slither up to them as if to greet them, and then climb on them or around them. And I'm hoping that he will be about five to six feet (1.5 m - 1.8 m) long at most, he will most likely be more thick than long! Right now he is about 2 1/2 feet (0.76 m) if not a bit smaller; he also weighs about 97 grams, but he is still a baby, after all!

Jasper, the Pet of the Day
Jasper, the Pet of the Day

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