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Blue, the Pet of the Day
Name: Blue
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peacock
Home: Castana, Iowa, USA
   Blue is a peacock, of course, and he is a resident of Bill Brink's Farm in Castana, Iowa. He struts his stuff all over that farm. He screams 'help' whenever he wants because he's a "tough guy" peacock!

    Blue was given to my grandfather by his daughter Sheryl. He doesn't know any tricks but if you have a shiny bumper on your car/truck, you better watch out! Tough guy here will stiffen up when he sees his reflection and start beating himself up! He'll peck and scratch at his reflection and it has actually left scratches and dents because he gets so aggressive.

    Blue holds his ground against the chickens and geese that try to chase him away from his food. You can't touch Blue, but you can get very close to look at him though. He is the only peacock on the farm so he's probably lonely. Sometimes I will yell 'help' in a weird voice and he will call back to me! He likes apples too! He's a pretty special bird!

Blue, the Pet of the Day
Blue, the Pet of the Day

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