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Big Mama, the Pet of the Day
Name: Big Mama
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Red Eye Tree Frog
Home: O'Fallon, Illinois, USA
   Big Mama is the larger of our two Red Eye Tree Frogs. She is pretty calm and relaxed compared to her mate. She loves to just sit on your arm or in your hand and look around. She lives in a glass terrarium with her mate, Lil Man. The tank has nothing but frog-safe live plants for her to climb around on. They eat crickets dusted in calcium powder for nutrition. They are colorful, but are easy little critters to take care of and fun to hold! It is so simple, our six-year-old daughter handles them and helps take care of them. Don't let her name fool you, she has not been a mother, I just call her Big Mama cause she's huge compared to her hubby! She is not only cute, and colorful but a fun pet to have!

Big Mama, the Pet of the Day

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