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Éponine, the Pet of the Day
Name: Éponine
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Corn snake
Home: Alberta, Canada
   This is my little girl Éponine, she is a three-month old 'classic' corn snake. She's the cutest, awesomest pet ever! I got her two months ago from a breeder in airdrie, and when I went, I had my heart set on getting an amel or reverse-okeetee corn. I met several babies and almost chose a little amel boy, and I decided to look at this little one, and the first thing she did when I held her was try and escape, and the second was try and bite me, and the third was flail around and bite me some more.

    but for some reason i had a good feeling about this little one, and i took her home. and the first thing she did when she got home was get stuck in her hide log. but she got out, obviously, and has become so amazingly chill. she hasn't struck at me since her first day, or anyone else. by about a week, i could hold her without her trying to escape, and by two weeks, she could be held by other people too, she'll just chill out in your hand, or in your pocket, or in your hood. since her first hide-log incident i took it out, and for a bit, her viv just had a water dish and a half-log hide, but I've been slowly expanding it, so it now has a half log hide, two cool logs i found in the mountains and some plastic vines, which she loves to climb. So yeah, that's Éponine! Enjoy!

Éponine, the Pet of the Day
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Éponine, the Pet of the Day
Éponine, the Pet of the Day
Éponine, the Pet of the Day
Éponine, the Pet of the Day

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