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Goldie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Goldie
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Budgerigar
Home: New York, New York, USA
   I was sitting at my Uptown Manhattan home office at dinnertime on July 30th of this year when I noticed a bright yellow bird sitting on the fire escape railing - a first for me in a long stint in this city. I simply wanted to photograph it and not scare it away. I got more than I bargained for. "Goldie" became a companion almost immediately. By some miracle, not ever having taken care of a bird, a neighbor produced a new cage for me the next day, and I was off to Birdland.

    Goldie is an extremely sharp and alert companion - perhaps a bit demanding, but knowing her beauty and worth. She's taught me a lot, and I've been gratified to see her becoming a hale and hearty young bird. She is a Yellow budgerigar - Melopsittacus undulatus, and as best I can tell, about six months old.

    She's feisty and tough - already having smacked into a living room mirror with no damage to report on either bird or glass. There are no tricks to report, but she's brilliant at figuring out how to attack problems and learning routes in her cage toward any desired object. She loves to shadow-box with her reflection in shiny Mylar film (video) - the type used to coat windows for blocking the sun's rays. I've seen her even pick up the end of a lamp cord (string) and hang it outside of the cage so that it would be out of her way on a particular perch. What she lacks in talking she makes up for in alertness and passion. Her warble is a thing of beauty, at any rate. Her persistence is unmatched. I have trained her to enjoy a concrete perch when she's out of the cage. She loves to fly by my head during her daily sortees.

   I had no intention of being a pet owner, and now - per Goldie - I am!

Goldie, the Pet of the Day
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Goldie, the Pet of the Day
Goldie, the Pet of the Day
Goldie, the Pet of the Day

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