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Gabriel & Saqqara, the Pet of the Day
Name: Gabriel & Saqqara
Age: Eight, Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Alpine Goat
Home: Benton City, Washington, USA
   Gabriel (left) is my main foundation doe. She is the granddaughter out of my very first Alpine Doe and will be nine years old this coming spring. Gabe is the overall herd boss of all our adult Does and has been since the age of two. She takes her role very seriously. She doesn't play any games or do any tricks. It's as if she doesn't want to appear less than magnificent to her underlings. She dictates when she wants attention, and will ignore and or walk away from you if you attempt to pet/scratch her if she doesn't come up to you first. So of course her nose had to be closest to the camera!

    Saqqara (right) is Gabe's first daughter, she was born when Gabe was two years old. She is an under boss (as are all of Gabe's daughters). But unlike her mom, Saqqara loves attention and will push all the other goats outta the way to get it. Most goats have a special spot they like to get scratched, Saqqara doesn't care where, just as long as you keep scratching. She is also the dam to my first pack goat, Legion! They are very special girls.

    Here's a video of our Great Pumpkin Massacre - Gabe is the doe who comes up to me in the beginning of the video and then decides nah, she didn't wanna be touched!

Gabriel & Saqqara, the Pet of the Day
Gabriel & Saqqara, the Pet of the Day

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