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Arnold, the Pet of the Day
Name: Arnold
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pot Belly Pig
Home: Angleton, Texas, USA
   Arnold was givien to me when he was nine weeks old and it has been an adventure since then. He is my first Pot Belly Pig. My dog of fourteen years had recently passed away and I was talking with a friend about how my house was empty but did not want another dog yet. We discussed the animals that I liked. Well about a week later she calls me saying that someone she knew had a young Pot Belly Pig that they did not want and would just give it away if we took him. Well my friend talked me into joint custody of Arnold, but as he lives with me and has gotten so attached to me he is my piggy. They brought him over and I fell in love with that cute nose and wiggle ears.

    He is a very loving piggy that likes nothing more than for me to sit on the floor and rub his belly. Arnold can sit and is learning how to shake hands. Arnolds best friend is my cat Rogue that I got as a kitten just a week before Arnold. They play together as well as sleep together. He eats a special Potbelly Pig feed and a mix of fresh vegies. I have to be very carefully with his treats as PP's gain weight very easy. At eleven months he already weighs 80 pounds (36 kg).

    Arnold is a house pig, but he has run of the backyard when I am at work or whenever he wants outside. He has his own bed in the corner of my bedroom made of blankets and his piggy bed from when I first got him. He actually housebroke himself to go outside when I had only had him for three days. Before that he used a litter box for cats.

Arnold, the Pet of the Day
Arnold, the Pet of the Day

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