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My, the Pet of the Day
Name: My
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: English Crested Guinea Pig
Home: Norway
   My is a three-year-old female guinea pig. She had been a mother to two litters in her pervious home. Her boyfriend that moved with her to me was the dad of at least one of the litters. My and Mons (her boyfriend) survived a house fire, but unfortunately the last litter didn't. Then they moved to me, where she will always be happy and loved.

    My is this really shy girl, she runs around acting a bit crazy, but at the same time she is really curious so sometimes she has a hard time deciding whether to hide or look. She really loves to cuddle, having her head on my shoulder or my neck. She really (!) enjoys being kissed on her ears, she almost falls asleep every time. My has a cage friend now, Frikka. They do argue sometimes, but the only thing I have to say is "be nice to each other" and they usually stop and continue on something else (like eating or sleeping). My is a English Crested guinea pig, and the only guinea pig that I've had that is one pure breed (as far as I know). She gets the biggest eyes when she wants something, like vegetables; she's standing there with a face you just can't say no to, and I rarely can.

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