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Lennox, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lennox
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lionhead Rabbit
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Meet Lennox. Lennox is a beautiful purebred Lionhead. He is a double mane with chocolate otter colored fur with Vienna marks and big blue eyes! I got Lennox from a breeder two days before Christmas last year. He was the pick of his litter. When I got Lennox he was ten weeks old.

    Lennox thinks he is a huge dog, not a little bunny. He lets my dogs climb all over him and he plays back with them even my big Akita! He also loves our cats and scares them. He is even nice to my hamster. Around adults he is shy, but around kids he likes to scare them by chasing them and nipping their clothes. He is smart and can do tricks too. Some people don't even know what he is, since he is so fluffy. Lennox, unlike most rabbits, is not easily stressed. He loves to go places and even rode with us to Florida this summer, which was a sixteen-hour drive. He adapts very quickly. He loves to jump in the air and be very weird! He is my first rabbit, but I love him like a son and can't believe how gorgeous he is. He definitely is unique! He is such a good bun! :)

Lennox, the Pet of the Day
Lennox, the Pet of the Day

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