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Lady Fanny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lady Fanny
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Speckled Sussex chicken
Home: Cambria, California, USA
   Lady Fanny loves to be a mother! Every spring she gets broody, sits on her nest and won't get off. It means she is ready to hatch some eggs! We live in town and can't have a rooster, so I get her some fertilized eggs and let her enjoy herself every year. She is an excellent mother, a good protector and teacher. This past year, she hatched two wild turkeys from eggs a neighbor had found abandoned. They loved her, but soon grew larger than she is. They'd still try to get under her wings at night, which was quite a sight! I had originally hoped they would be good demonstration turkeys for children to interact with, but Lady Fanny was so protective of them, and put up such a fuss if anyone approached when they were little, that they grew up wary of humans! They moved to an organic farm at the Pacific Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, and have a happy life there.

    These photos show her, with her white legs. White skin is usual in English breed chickens. She hatched a Coronation Sussex egg two years ago, but he grew up to be a rooster and had to be returned to the farm where his egg came from. I included one of her with "her" two turkey babies when they were getting big.

Lady Fanny, the Pet of the Day
Lady Fanny, the Pet of the Day

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