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Helios, the Pet of the Day
Name: Helios
Age: One year and nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Denmark
   Helios was born late at night almost two years ago; he was the last to be born and the only male. At first I assumed all three were females and he was named Iris. As he grew and he started teasing his siblings and playing a tad more rough and goofy than his sisters cared for, I checked him and found out he was a male, and renamed him Helios.

    When Helios was a few weeks old, I started to have him meet his father, slowly letting them get to know one another on the couch, to bond, daddy often "visited" Helios and the others, being allowed to sit next to the cage looking in. Helios would poke his nose out to his dad to sniff and they all seemed to enjoy that. The two boys soon hit it off and when he was old enough moved in with his loving daddy, whilst his siblings stayed with their mommy.

    He has always been the first to check something new out, the scary camera around the corner of the tree house, solid food and climbing and drinking, and his sisters were always just behind him, hiding safely and watching closely, as one of the pictures show. When playtime and exploring was all over; what better way to nap than using mom as a couch? Helios still loves to snuggle up close to his dad, and dad doesn't mind, it's warmer and much more enjoyable, as long as Helios doesn't try to make a couch out of him too. I've recently bought him a guinea pig bed, that looks like a shrunken bed for dogs, and he loves it! Helios, like his parents, is very loving and accepts any other guinea pig, he never fights or bites any of the younger males I let him run around with to play, since daddy would rather lay and sleep or eat. He loves playtime and exploring with youngsters as goofy as him. He is the oldest of the young boys, acting as a big brother, and growing up being the youngest, I am sure he loves being oldest and showing the way, as he did with his more shy sisters.

    Its been fun to watch Helios grow up from the day he was born, seeing him mature and get more personality, he is by far the most enduring, loving and caring male, who gets along with everyone, and he has been a wonderful mentor for the younger males, passing on his caring and docile behavior unto them. He now has a girlfriend too, that he visits outside of her cage to give kisses and talk, and they really seem to adore one another, the other girls like him too. He loves the attention from the ladies, one more than the others, and maybe when his girlfriend is a little older, he too can be a loving dad and pass it on.

Helios, the Pet of the Day
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Helios, the Pet of the Day
Helios, the Pet of the Day

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