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Pet of the Day
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Vidar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Vidar
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Denmark
   This fun loving little guy is the newest edition to my piggy family, and what a joy he has been. Vidar is a Lilac fox guinea pig.

    When I first got him, he was so tiny and so shy, I thought he was sick; he would just sit still not moving or doing anything if I had him out, as if he was too scared to move, even if he seemed to sniff around when I had him. Now months later he has shown his goofy personality and his shyness has melted away!

    Vidar is a very happy boy, who loves everything you give him, be it a simple bell on a string, his beloved hanging-tunnel, the tree house, or simply sprinkling bedding over him, to run in and out of kicking and popcorning to his heart's content, he will be sure to show his glee, like a kid with snow. I clean his and his friend's cage twice a week and still every time, he gets so goofy when he gets put back, that he has to race around in circles kicking and annoying his older comrades, who just wants to lay around, although he gets them to join in every now and then.

    Being so curious in the cage and on the couch, he isn't too adventurous when having floor-time in the kitchen. He prefers to follow his friends around closely, examining everything closely that they do, learning from his older "brothers." With the occasional dash around the floor to let out his energies, he'll soon start following his friends, that line up forming a piggy-train.

    Vidar also enjoys the benefits of being the youngest, trying to snuggle up and get kisses from the others, sometimes with luck, other times the other males seem to think it's not manly and just ignore him. Then Vidar can always come out and lay and sleep, in his daddy's hoodie, it's almost like his tunnel, or in my arms. He is very cuddly and loves the attention, and with such a cute face and a lovely personality it's hard not to give him all the attention and treats the little darling wants.

Vidar, the Pet of the Day
Vidar, the Pet of the Day

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