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AmberLeigh, the Pet of the Day
Name: AmberLeigh
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Traditional Gypsy Cob
Home: Wiltshire, UK
   Amber is special to me because I bought her as a rescue. She had strangles, which is a life threatening illness horses get to the point they have to be isolated from all horses. Amber also lost five times her body weight. She was beaten in to do things, until I came along on the 1st of January 2013. Since then we have both been inseparable.

    I bought her as a seven-year-old, yet when I had a vet out to check if she was pregnant (as she was showing signs) they said she wasn't, and she was only three. At that point I felt so bad as I had been working her, jumping her but she never said no she kept giving and giving. So when I found out her true age I let her rest for a while and now she is coming along really nicely. She had never seen a school before I had her. she wouldn't even move. Now all I need to do is tell her what to do, there's no need to kick her on, she does it with pleasure. She always has her head held high now.

    It is amazing how this girl is as sweet and as well behaved as she is, considering her background and being so young. She is one amazing pony and I would not change her for the world! The one photo is of her about one month after I got her, you can see she is still underweight, the rest are her now, as the happy healthy girl she was always meant to be!

AmberLeigh, the Pet of the Day
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AmberLeigh, the Pet of the Day
AmberLeigh, the Pet of the Day

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