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Jack, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jack
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Gujranwala, Pakistan
   This is Jack, he is my baby and my first Guinea Pig and all time favorite, too. I can't live without him and love him so much. He is the best and a gentlemanly guinea pig. About a year ago when my-long distance girlfriend broke up with me, and I was broken-hearted. I felt I had nothing and no purpose in life, then my cousin got two guinea pigs, Jack and Jill, for me as they were four weeks old. I care for them and love them like my own babies. So for me, they are life saviors.

    Jack is most gentle guinea pig, he never complains. He never fights with other males. He likes to hide under places and likes females. He doesn't do many tricks. If you turn him around, he will stay still until you turn him back to his normal position. He also sits on my shoulder and I walk to many places, I even go to mall with him sitting on my shoulder. He won't pee or poop that whole time, and won't jump off, he just enjoys sitting on my shoulder. He knows me and when I call him, he squeaks loudly but he love to hang more around with other piggies. He like carrot, cucumber and tomato best as treats!

Jack, the Pet of the Day

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