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Lil Peeps, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lil Peeps
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Home: Illinois, USA
   On June 9, 2011, we found a helpless, blind, just-hatched baby bird, struggling to survive on hot pavement near busy traffic. We had no idea where he came from because there were no trees anywhere near where we found him.

    We took the little baby bird home and, because he made the sweetest, teeniest "peeping" sound in the car, we named him "Lil Peeps." Fortunately, in the past, my husband had success raising and releasing homeless baby birds he found in parking lots. He had a recipe (from a bird rescue facility) for a homemade mixture that he made and fed Lil Peeps immediately. My husband gently tapped Lil Peeps' beak and he opened his mouth wide immediately to accept the food! I cried - it was amazing and so beautiful to witness this teeny baby bird putting all his trust in humans for his survival.

    Fortunately, Lil Peeps had no injuries and we watched him thrive daily! He chirped loudly when he was hungry; he ate and slept, ate and slept. We put him in a cozy box with a warm water bottle and he loved it! After we fed him, he would sleep in our hands (so precious). I had never seen a baby bird up close so watching Lil Peeps' grow was miraculous to me.

    As LP grew, he loved playing with all his toys and sleeping in the man-made nest we bought at the pet store. We assumed he was a "girl" sparrow because of "her" coloring; however, at thirteen weeks, his gorgeous male coloring appeared and we were able to identify him as a Eurasian Tree Sparrow!

    Lil Peeps refused to leave his flight cage and adapt to life outside. He loves his life as a pet bird. He still sleeps every day in his human Daddy's hand. He loves singing with my husband when he plays his guitar. LP loves singing with "The Andy Griffith Show" theme, and imitates any sounds/whistling we make! He is so inquisitive and alert! He knows so many words: If you ask him, "Peeps, do you want a bath?" he hops down his perch and waits in front of his bath gate for it to be opened!

    Another funny thing about Lil Peep - he will often imitate one of our guinea pig's whistle! LP can sound exactly like a guinea pig, when he wants to! When I'm in the kitchen, LP and my husband will be whistling at each other and I can't tell who is who! LP is quite the mimic!

    Lil Peeps is an amazing, extremely smart and sweet member of our family. We are so grateful that he is a part of our lives! Hearing him sing daily is like having an angel in the house!

Lil Peeps, the Pet of the Day
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Lil Peeps, the Pet of the Day
Lil Peeps, the Pet of the Day
Lil Peeps, the Pet of the Day

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