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Ricochet, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ricochet
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hedgehog
Home: Hazard, Kentucky, USA
   Ricochet is super prickly, but he is the most cuddly pet I have. He loves to snuggle into my lap and snooze away. And he absolutely loves his bath time! He is extremely silly. His favorite thing is putting a cardboard tube on his head and chasing my cat who is terrified of him. He actually does know some tricks. He knows how to sit on command and how to "jump" through a hoop to the best of a hedgehog's ability. He can also balance his favorite ball on his head.

    He absolutely loves bath time. He has some floaty toys that I put in his bath and he will spend as long as I let him shoving them around the bath. But he hates when you take him out of the bath when he sees a towel he gets all hissy and puffy because it is time to get out of the bath.

    Ricochet loves visitors he is an attention hog and will let just about anything pet him and handle him. He is a big fan of cuddle time. He knows exactly when it is time to come out of his cage to play and cuddle.

Ricochet, the Pet of the Day
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Ricochet, the Pet of the Day
Ricochet, the Pet of the Day
Ricochet, the Pet of the Day

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