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Sonny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sonny
Age: 1.5 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Budgie
Home: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
   Introducing Sonny Davies. We brought him home when he was only a few weeks old and he has been our favorite son and grandson since. He was the runt of the clutch and his nicknames include Sonny Sunshine, Zonny and "kitten". He is very loving and placid and enjoys cuddles, kisses and belly rubs. I remember the day I brought him home, what a sweet baby he was. He was running around and chirping in his little cardboard box and it melted my heart. He bonded immediately with his big brother Tanjiro when I introduced him to his new home. Tanjiro fed him, preened him and looked after him. Sonny is tiny compared to his big brother, an English budgie, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in mischief, making us chase him around the house, shredding the sheets of newspaper placed under the indoor clothesline and zooming up and down the hall!

    Sonny has had a lot of health issues including mites, asthma and pneumonia, but he still keeps going. He just finished a long course of antibiotics after a relapse and is doing well. He still has breathing problems but my sweet little guy will be ok.

    Sonny is a darling baby who loves a cuddle, kiss and belly rub. He has been known to snuggle in pajama pockets and robe pockets. He likes to lie on his back in our hands and let us kiss and rub his little tummy. He gets his kitten nickname because he acts a lot like one, snuggling up to us and letting us stroke his fluffy feathers.

    He's been known to guard his big seed block in his cage, which we call his "belly" (like Disco the parakeet saying "gotta get that belly"). We can no longer find tiny seed bells so we get him a big block and he sits on it and goes off at anyone putting their hand near it like "that's MAH belly!"

Sonny, the Pet of the Day
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Sonny, the Pet of the Day
Sonny, the Pet of the Day

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