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Tapioca, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tapioca
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: USA
   Tapioca came to our garden on my dad's birthday and we took him in and he has been nothing but joy, and terror, for me. He's very friendly and tolerate but he is also extremely curious and likes exploring things with him mouth and taste buds. Tapi likes coming to people for head pats at random intervals, even pushing our hands or legs until we stop to pet him. In return, he'll lick our hands for minutes on end. He enjoys eating treats, his favorite being banana slices. Whenever I take him some place new, he calms down quite fast and begins bonding with the strangers, giving them hand kisses and receiving strokes. Tapioca is very intelligent too - he is litter-box trained and he rarely has accidents. He has never bitten anyone in malice.

    Of course, there is a bad part to him. He takes great pleasure in eating and chewing many things. His favorite is cloth and wires but paper comes close behind. He doesn't mind loud people as long as they aren't suddenly loud or making sudden motions. He loathes his nails being clipped, and will nip at the restraining shirt sleeves in his nervousness. He loves people but he also loves privacy and will usually seek a quiet, dark, secluded, hard to reach area to lay down at during his free time.

    I am constantly getting questions on how, and why, Tapi is in a harness/costume/collar. Most rabbits loathe being put through this but not Tapi. He let me put him into his harness because he loves going places to visit people. I only started putting a collar on him because he was always getting lost in the house during his free time and getting into trouble. The collar is really loose (he's just fluffy which is why it looks tight) on him and it breaks off easily at the slightest pressure - he has pulled it off with his paws on numerous times. It's just on during his free time so we can get an idea of where he's at most of the times (it has an extremely noisy bell on it but Tapi doesn't seem to mind the noise) to minimize the chewing and hiding. I would never ever attach a leash to the collar. The costumes are only for fun since some of my friends wanted to see that and since he didn't mind, I went along with it.

    I've always wanted a dog and Tapi is the closest thing to that. He's super friendly, really tolerant, and always glad to see me (since I give him treats, pets, and free time). I understand not all rabbits are like this and I am glad that I am lucky enough to have friendly Tapioca, chewing wires and all.

Tapioca, the Pet of the Day
Tapioca, the Pet of the Day

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