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Marisa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marisa
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Greek Tortoise
Home: USA
   This is Marisa, and she is my Greek tortoise. What makes my pet special is she's very funny. A couple of weeks ago I saw her climbing on top of her log, and finally when I got her off she sat on her food. (She only eats Steamfresh green beans.)

    Her personality is shy. She stays in her log where nobody can see her most of the time. She only comes out in the morning to get fed or when she gets cold to sit under the heat lamp. When I want to show visitors Marisa, I have to move her log just for them to get a quick look at her. The only tricks Marisa does is climb on her log and fit in really tight spaces, if they even count as tricks. She is not independent at all, she won't even hop in her water bowl when her skin is dry. But she is still a baby, just five to six months old, so maybe she will be braver as she grows up more. Tortoises live a very long time, so she will be my friend for many years to come!

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