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Fiffy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fiffy
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shorthair Guinea Pig
Home: Carinthia, Austria
   This is Fiffy, my lovable Shorthair Guinea Pig, and I got her about seven years ago with her brother as a Christmas present for my sister and me. We got her from a friend, who originally named her Fuzzy, but after about a year we came across the name Fiffy (which was actually the brand of our guinea pig feed), and we thought it was so cute and fitted her perfectly, so we renamed her Fiffy. Her favorite food is lettuce, and every time we crinkle some type of plastic bag, she squeaks deafeningly for food, as if tomorrow was the end of the world! She is also quite chubby, what only lets her look even cuter!

    Fiffy is, in several aspects, a special guinea pig. She had lost her brother and fellow Fleck (which means "dot" or "speck" in English; he got his name due to the cute little dot on his nose) about two years ago, which was really sad for her. Some weeks later, however, we noticed a rather big lump on her rump. At first we thought is was merely a big pimple, which she had already had before. The vet though told us that it was probably a tumor! We were completely shocked, I was so scared that I might loose my piggy! A greater relief was the message a few days later that it was a benign tumor, but we were still afraid of the operation Fiffy was going to have. She survived the anesthesia and operation nevertheless without problems, and two months later she got a new fellow friend Samira.

    Fiffy shows no sign of her old age of approximately seven years, which is already quite aged, and what she has already been through in her life and always enjoys being outside nibbling the grass in our garden. I can even let her outside the cage, because she is much too lazy to run away! I love her so much, and she will be always in my heart!

Fiffy, the Pet of the Day
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Fiffy, the Pet of the Day
Fiffy, the Pet of the Day

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