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Zanzibar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zanzibar
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tennessee Walker, Quarter Horse
Home: Winnsboro, Louisiana, USA
   Here is my horse, Zanzibar. He's a cremello Tennessee Walker/Quarter Horse (I like to call him a Quarter Walker!). He's very messy and loves to roll in the mud. When I first met him, he lived with my uncle. When I saw him, something clicked and I immediately fell in love with him. So, whenever I could, I'd go out to see my uncle and visit with him. Slowly, I gained his trust and he began following me. Then my uncle said he was selling him. My heart sunk when my mother told me we weren't going to buy him -- he was my best friend!

    So, one day I had my father take me out to see him. I showed my father a trick I had taught Zanzibar. We'd run side-by-side and when I'd jump, he'd buck his back hooves out. Dad seemed to realize that we were a perfect match and talked mom into buying him.

    Now, me and Zanzibar are working together so he can be the perfect riding horse... But that'll take a very long time, he's still young. The thing I love the most about Zanzibar is that I can talk to him about anything and it's like he really understands what I tell him.

   Here's a short video of him!

Zanzibar, the Pet of the Day

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