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Mika, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mika
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bearded dragon
Home: Houma, Louisiana, USA
   Mika is a Bearded dragon (American Leatherback morph). A sucker for the camera, and a real attention hog, this dragon is someone I would never give up for the world. Mika is like a child to me, and with the way she acts, sometimes I wonder whether or not she realizes this. She loves to cuddle, swim, eat (and boy can she eat!), ride in the car , and sit outside with me. Her favorite foods are strawberries, peanut butter, wax worms and crickets, though everything else she will eat just as readily (even your food if you don't let her try it!). On days when I bring her to ride in my car, I will put the window down and let her sit at the edge with her harness strapped on and she just sits there and watches all of the scenery pass by. She's never felt the need to run away, and will often seek human attention when she isn't too busy exploring her surroundings. To top it off, Mika loves the camera. She readily poses for it, and has even learned when she is allowed to move, and when she should sit still. Often times she will stop and strike a cute pose for me, or allow me to put her in one, and until I move her or until she hears the shutter sound or receives her treat, she will sit pretty still.

    Out of all of the reptiles I have had, none of them have been so willing to do what she does. When she isn't posing for me she is traveling around, meeting new people and helping me educate others about reptiles and how they are really not that much different from the average pet. She helps those with fears of lizards over come them with her docile and friendly nature, and even helps others to become a little more open-minded to some of their relatives. To sum it up, Mika is special because she is mine, and no other animal will be her. No other lizard will beg me for food or lose their mind over all natural peanut butter treats, accompany me the way she does on walks and car rides, or even be as patient and silly as she is. She is special because no other bearded dragon can be Mika, and for that I love her like a daughter.

    If you would like to get to know Mika more or see her other pictures on my deviant art, or find her on her own profile at Thank you for your time! Jessie

Mika, the Pet of the Day

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