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Koko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Koko
Age: Two years, one month old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy rat
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   Koko is an incredibly special rat. She is a Siamese, dumbo-earred fancy rat. She has a respiratory illness known as mycoplasma, which she has been fighting most of her life. She has been on medication almost everyday for the last year, but she is still so strong and happy, and otherwise healthy. She is a curious rat who loves exploring my house, but she is also very cuddly. She loves being pet and scratched behind the ears. Some of the best times we have shared have been pizza-movie nights; I share the veggies off my pizza with her and then she sleeps on my lap while I watch a movie. She loves fishing for frozen peas in a tub of water, and her favorite foods are homemade banana muffins and broccoli soup.

    A few months ago Koko lost her cagemate, Loki. It was very sad to see Koko living alone, but I recently adopted three rats to be her friends. Koko now lives very happily with her step sisters, Lily, Rue and Piper.

    All rats (except lab rats) are actually born with mycoplasma because its so contagious. Rats are just more or less resistant to it. Since I got Koko from a pet shop where she was intended to be snake food the owners didn't care about breeding for health.

    Because Koko has it in a pretty advanced form, it has actually scarred her lungs so she often makes noises when she breathes, and she needs to be on meds for the rest of her life. But because I give her medicine twice a day, the occasional breathing noise is the only symptom she has; she is actually very happy and healthy!

Koko, the Pet of the Day
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Koko, the Pet of the Day
Koko, the Pet of the Day

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