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Carmal, the Pet of the Day
Name: Carmal
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: Alberta, Canada
   Carmal is a Short Haired Syrian Hamster, and we've had her since September, 2012. When we were at the pet store picking out a hamster it was between two hamsters, Carmal and another runner-up. For the half hour in the middle of the day that we were at the store it seemed as if Carmal and this other hamster were competing with one another to be chosen. In the end of course, Carmal won.

    Carmal is a special hamster as she is the most adventurous hamster I have ever seen. She is never afraid to jump down off a table (to our dismay) or try to jump out of our hands when we hold her. What's really interesting is how she climbs the top of her cage from her front to paws and tries to get around, naturally though, she keeps on falling down so it's a good thing that we keep the bottom of her cage well padded.

    As well every once in a while, when we're sitting at the computer (as her cage is right by it) she will be in her wheel running when in 1.5 seconds she is at the other end of her cage. Very speedy! Love you, Carmal :)

Carmal, the Pet of the Day

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