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Apollon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Apollon
Age: One year, two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red Satinroan Guinea Pig
Home: Silkeborg, Denmark
   This is Apollon, and he is a Red Satinroan Guinea Pig. I saw this handsome boy on a breeder's website, and I fell in love with him instantly, he looked so sweet, and his coloring and coat - gorgeous! Apollon was born on Valentine's Day last year, and he definitely fits having being born on that day, he is very loving. He and his friend actually were bought by another family some months ago, but returned them I was told, because their new dog barked too much at the pigs. I am glad that that was all it took, then I had the chance to get the wonderful duo, and the absolutely charming fella here! When Apollon relaxes, I've noticed his bottom lip gets droopy, its like he just melts as he flattens himself out, and his whole face is very square and charismatic. He doesn't mind giving out "kisses" when being petted.

    I only just brought him home recently along with his friend. But immediately he was very calm and didn't mind sleeping out under my chin, where he would lay all flat and relaxed. He is very sweet and loves attention, and he is a very good tempered boy. He doesn't mind his bigger and older male chum using him as a stepping-stool so he can take a peek out at the girls next door. Apollon will just lay there sleeping as if nothing was happening, he doesn't care at all, guess he doesn't mind helping his girl-crazy friend explore.

    He likes to run around on the floor, but only if there is a carpet or something, he doesn't much like the wooden floors, and he likes to follow either me or his friend around, or else he just seems lost and will just sit there. His favorite toy is a little wooden platform with three pillars of different heights and a little top on it for them to either sit or rest their front legs on. There are also two bells, and he likes to ring these bells. My husband says, since he is from a breeder, he has finer manners than the pigs we got from the pet store, and him ringing the bell, is to call for us, his butlers.

    When I look at him, he reminds me of a horse, with that coloring, but with a cat attitude. He's lazy, would rather sleep more than anything, loves attention, and is slightly picky, he prefers carrot and hay over anything else. It was love at first sight, and there is no doubt in my mind he will bring much joy as time goes on! He is my little Valentine's Day boy, loving and just all over sweet, even my husband adores him!

Apollon, the Pet of the Day
Apollon, the Pet of the Day

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