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Eros, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eros
Age: One year, seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Denmark
   Eros was first named Freja, because the pet store said he was a female, so of course, I believed them. I got smarter soon enough.

    I was at the pet store with my mother, and she begged of me not to get a male and a female, "no babies," she kept saying. "Alright," I said and we went in to see what they had. I soon fell for a white and brown female, his mate, and my mother fell head over heels for this little fluffy guy and said I had to buy him, and he (or she as I thought) looked very cheeky, and yeah, "she" really liked the female I had already picked out. It was hilarious when I found out that Freja was a male, so he was renamed Eros, but it was too late, the other one, Guinevere, was pregnant and months later gave birth to three babies.

    I was worried sick about the ordeal, but she pulled through well and turned out to be a great mom. Eros, the cheeky little devil, turned out to be a wonderful dad too, and still is today, even if his children are over a year, he still shows affection, even towards his son, who he is seen snuggling with in the photo. He still doesn't mind him, even if his son, is living with another male. He also likes to shower his two daughers with kisses, mainly the one who looks like him, fittingly named Freja, because she looks like a black version of his dad.

    Eros loves food more than my other pigs, and will inhale parsley before I am done giving the other their share, bell pepper is also something that doesn't last long/ Eros also has an idea of me always decorating his cage wrong after cleaning, because he will toss his wooden house upside down, flip it around until it lays just right, all askew, on top of the feeding bowl, facing away from view so he can lay in shelter and feed in between snoozing, then he will flip it around so he can get out and have a drink, thankfully none of this moving takes place at night, only during the day, so at least he is considerate of me hee hee!

    He also loves to be scratched a certain spot on his hip, especially the left side, he will turn his head and shake it, kind of like when you find a itchy spot on a horse, some times he will also gently scratch back or lick my hand in thanks.

Eros, the Pet of the Day
Eros, the Pet of the Day

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