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Phoenix, the Pet of the Day
Name: Phoenix
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue Tongue Lizard
Home: Australia
   Phoenix is a blue tongue lizard, and he is a rescue pet. A friend's pet cat caught him and he had some injuries, after we sadly lost the first lizard from infection, we were lucky to get another in better condition. Phoenix is an Auzzie from the Land down under!

    Phoenix has a fiery temperament and likes his personal space. For dinner he loves his meal worms and pellets and for dessert he has grapes. Phoenix enjoys going for walks outside, he sometimes crawls onto my lap for warmth or if he feels something may attack him. Phoenix doesn't mind if someone pats him from shoulder to back legs but he won't tolerate his head, legs, neck, belly or tail being touched. He will hiss and threaten to bite.

    Phoenix has his favorite pipe that he sleeps in every night, sometimes he will poke his head out to see what's going on, then go back in to sleep if nothing interesting is happening. As aggressive he may seem he has actually warmed up to the Family quite well. Apart from the dog, but we make sure they stay separated.

Phoenix, the Pet of the Day
Phoenix, the Pet of the Day

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