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Bubbla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bubbla
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Himalayan Guinea Pig
Home: Finland
   This is Bubbla, my Nonself Black Himalayan Guinea pig. She's a one-year-old pretty lady and as you can see from the picture her favorite treat is parsley! Her special talent is that she sounds much like a turkey. Isn't that just cute? She was born in Sweden but moved to Finland in early age to continue her somewhat rare species. Now a proud mother of two, she enjoys life with her best buddy Mutteri who you can see on the background.

    Bubbla is really affectionate she loves to sleep on your lap while watching tv. Her favorite game is probably chasing our pekingese around who is really scared of Bubbla! I also like to call her the tasmanian devil because she likes to throw things around. Every morning I have to put her cottages back on their place again. She also steals food from her buddy, sometimes even directly from Mutteri's mouth! So If I'd describe her with just one word it would be sneaky.

    Bubbla went shy when I started filming her and didn't do the turkey noise for us but agreed to do some talking. She is very special to us!

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