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Elina, Resu, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elina, Resu
Age: Three, Two years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: French lop, Minilop Rabbit
Home: Pirkanmaa, Finland
   These are my bunnies, the bigger one's Elina (female) and the smaller's Resu (male). Elina's a french lop and Resu's a minilop. Elina is such an adorable bunny, she loves hugs and when someone spends a lot of time with her. Resu loves massages and treats and has a fiery attitude, I'd say that he's a real "energizer bunny" sometimes. They're both special because no matter how bad I feel, these two always seem to lighten up my mood and make me laugh.

    In 2006 I had my first bunny, one that I lost two years ago on March 21th, a male Holland bunny Osku, who was seven years old. He was a real lovable bunny with a boss-like personality, who spent nearly three lovely years with Elina. When I lost Osku, I didn't want her to spend her time alone, so I got Resu on April 2011 to spend time with her. From that day on, they've been really devoted to each other.

    These two never seem to stop doing their little tricks behind my back. One time you might find ruined earphones on the bed, the other they might've eaten schoolbooks left on the floor. Yet I can't get furious at them. Who could, with the pleading looks they have? They've melted my heart so many times, and they still do.

    Every day is a different day for these two, which makes me wonder sometimes; "What have they got in store for this day?" Altough Osku still had an amazing personality which cannot be replaced, these two aren't far behind with their sweet yet fierce attitude. They will be loved until the end of their days, that's for sure.

Elina, Resu, the Pet of the Day
Elina, Resu, the Pet of the Day

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