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Penny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Penny
Age: Eighteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Welsh Pony, Arabian cross
Home: Alberta, Canada
   Penny has been my little friend since I was a child. I had an accident with a horse, that left my face scarred and me terrified of horses. When we got Penny I was nervous, but we quickly learned together (she was green, which means she wasn't broke). I am proud to say that I broke Penny to ride, and she was nice enough to let me, because she was full of fire in her younger years.

    She has been through some rough times (foundering, Lyme disease) but has been getting better! Without Pen, I would still be terrified of horses, and not have a very special friend. Altough she is quite tiny compared to her other equine pature-mates, she is very good at keeping our young colts in line as well (which is the photo of her biting) at them - they maybe be bigger, but she lets them know who is boss!

    She is quite the Houdini! She unlatches and unties everything! She is certainly a smart little pony... A little Penny anecdote for you: Once when my mum was watching out the window, she could see Penny had unlatched the gate and was in the front yard eating the grass. She was going to eventually take her back in until my dad started driving up the road! Penny booked it back to the pasture, closed the gate behind her and hid behind the round-bale feeder.

    Her favourite game or activity of any sort is eating, she is quite the little piggy. Because of her bout of Lyme Disease, she has very tender feet and has a hard time carrying weight on her back, so we've started hooking her up with a harness and have her pulling a board, and she loves it! Her ears are perked and she just trots forever! I love her very much.

Penny, the Pet of the Day
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Penny, the Pet of the Day
Penny, the Pet of the Day
Penny, the Pet of the Day

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