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Pet of the Day
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Tim, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tim
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Hazel Green, Alabama, USA
   Hi, everyone, my name is Tim.

    I should be the poster boy for "why not to buy a live bunny for Easter." Shortly after the Easter of 2009 I was found in a ditch out in the country. Even wild rabbits that blend in a lot better than me don't survive very well on their own. Our chances are even worse. Fortunately a nice family found me and took me home. I was dirty and hurt, but they nursed me back to health.

    It was a great home, but my foster Mom belonged to an organization called "A NEW LEASH ON LIFE." They take in all kinds of dogs until they find them a forever home. With so many dogs barking, I was really afraid. Bunnies can die of fright. So I was adopted by my forever Mom. She had a wonderful girlfriend for me named Sandy. Sandy was much bigger and older than me, but it was love at first sight. We were so happy together. The day after Christmas 2012, Sandy died, with me by her side. I was grieving so much I didn't even want to eat. Mom put me with a different female bunny, but I was afraid of her. So she put me with her guinea pigs, but they were afraid of me. Finally, Mom got me a stuffed girlfriend, and we get along pretty well.

    Being a rabbit, I hate to admit it, but we aren't always a good choice of a pet. Most of us don't like to be picked up. Since we are food for some other animals, being picked up scares us. We think we are getting carried away to be eaten. We often bite and scratch out of fear. This is especially true when children hold us. I want everyone to celebrate Easter, it's a happy time of year. However instead of a live Easter bunny, a stuffed one is much more cuddly, or a chocolate one is more delicious. Bunnies have all of the same feelings that people do. We are happy, sad, afraid, we get angry. We aren't toys that can be tossed. So let's all get ready to have a HAPPY EASTER this year. Including the bunnies. Please don't get us on a whim. We are a ten-year+ commitment.

   Your friend,

Tim, the Pet of the Day
Tim, the Pet of the Day

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