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Jake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jake
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Bear Hamster
Home: Sunderland, Massachusetts, USA
   Hello my name is Julie, and this is my Black Bear Hamster, Jake! What makes Jake special is, he is the nicest friend a girl could ask for. Most other hamsters bite and try to run away when they weren't handled, but not Jake. I tried to see if I could connect with others, but I saw the lady at the pet store moving a little black furball into a new cage. I ask why and she said "we're separating him from his brother." I asked if I could pet him and when he was in his new cage and she said it was fine.

    I petted him and he was nervous, and rolled over on his back like he was saying, "if you're going to kill me, kill me now." He looked at me and then rolled back over and walked up to the end like saying, "Hold me." The lady handed him to me and he like snuggled into my chest and I knew he was the one. I bought him with my own money, I was twelve at the time I'm three now almost fourteen. I had to wait in the car with him when my dad ran into the store to pick up some cheese chews for him and we kinda bonded further.

    When I brought him home he went into his new cage and my other hamster, Mitch loved him. They were buddies but we never put them together, as males can tend to fight. Mitch was sick and passed away. But Jake is fine, and has still been my best bud ever since. He falls asleep in my arms when he wants to. I can kiss him on his tiny lips and he licks my nose like a little puppy. He is the nicest sweetest hamster ever!

Jake, the Pet of the Day

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