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Pet of the Day
Today's Pet of the Day
Ted, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ted
Age: Six weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Teddy Bear Guinea Pig
Home: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
   I bought Ted in Brampton from a registered breeder. I had been waiting for his teddy bear guinea pigs to come for about six months, and they finally were born! I got Ted as soon as he was weaned and weighed and was ready to come home! My daughter and I choose him! Even though he's small as my hand he popcorns and he has a cute personality! He likes sitting on my chest close to my neck, probably for comfort since he's only six weeks old.

    We know he's gonna grow and have more of a personality, because right now he's using me for comfort! Just joking, it's super adorable and I feel like his mommy! I can't wait for my eight-month-old son to like him, as my six-year-old daughter lives to see Ted each day!

    For Ted, or as my daughter calls him Teddy, the treats he loves are Timothy hay, carrots (as you can see), broccoli and his bok choy, watermelon and honeydew melon, and we are also introducing him to new types of veggies and fruits!

    He was popcorning for us today! He loves his cuddle time with me and the children. He's starting to learn to use the washroom in his corner plastic piece we bought him at the pet store, we're still working on teaching him to go back and use it when he is outside the cage! I can't wait to spend his whole lifetime with him, and we're thankful we found him!

Ted, the Pet of the Day
Ted, the Pet of the Day

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