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Kayko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kayko
Age: 31 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue and Gold Macaw
Home: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
   Kayko is my 31-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw. I was out on Jacksonville Beach at the ocean with my first macaw, Doogie, when I was approached by a girl who asked if I wanted another macaw. Her mother had Kayko for thirteen years until she died and the daughter brought Kayko from Athens, Georgia to Jacksonville Beach. This girl was far more interested in riding her motorcycle than caring for her late mother's bird and wanted someone to spend the kind of time with him that she saw I was doing with Doogie. She gave him to me when he was twenty. I have had him now for eleven years.

    What makes him really special is his first owner was British, and so he has a British accent and says "Owe Sha Tupp" and "Hell-owe" with a distinctly British flair. He also positively harmless and would not think of biting anyone. I take both him and my Scarlet Macaw out to public places and put Kayko on the arms of total strangers for cell phone pictures. He is perfectly good and safe with being on the arms of a two year old and every mother wants a picture of their child with the big blue and yellow bird.

    I keep him safely trimmed up so he cannot fly away and especially so he cannot hurt himself flying into things on the stove or the sliding glass door like he once did. Kayko routinely looks at people with his head upside down and they wonder what he is doing. I tell them it is his Stevie Wonder impersonation. Kayko has easily been on the arms of 5,000 people in the past year alone, bringing joy to little kids that have never seen or heard a macaw, let alone had one on their arm.

Kayko, the Pet of the Day
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Kayko, the Pet of the Day
Kayko, the Pet of the Day

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