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Tuesday, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tuesday
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse cross
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   Tuesday is a fun loving pony that just loves people!!! He is 14.2 hands, (58 inches) chestnut in color, and has a white stripe (called a blaze by horse people) down his face. He is a Quarter Horse cross and has the energy and intelligence to prove it! He is my first ever pony, and a good one at that. He will follow you if you encourage him to do so. He is as cute as a button, but still needs to learn some manners!

    Tuesday has a sweet and willing personality. He is always trying to please. He will take his head and butt you with it. He is quite strong. He has muscles for days! Tuesday is very affectionate around strangers. But he does like people he knows better. Tuesday doesn't know any tricks but he does think that the head butting is a game! Tuesday can be very dominant, but I think that's cute:)

    He is absolutely lovely to ride and has the smoothest of gaits (what we call speeds or trots in the horse world) and his best friend is called Scooby! Scooby is twice his age, but they are both chestnut and adorable! I love him soooo much and will never stop!

Tuesday, the Pet of the Day

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