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Harley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harley
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherland Dwarf mix
Home: Vermont, USA
   Harley is the sweetest rabbit you will every meet! He was adopted when he was seven weeks old and ever since then he has been working on becoming a certified therapy rabbit. After many evaluations and tests Harley became the only certified therapy animal in Vermont! Harley has visited nursing homes and even a school and he has brought joy and happiness to all of the people who he has met.

    Harley is a very stylish rabbit! He has a flame print diaper that he wears when he goes on therapy visits and when he runs around the house. He also has a small dog parka that he wears when he is outside on the way to visits when it is cold out. When he wore his clothes for the first time, he wasn't too impressed but he has learned not to let them slow him down.

    Harley is a very small dwarf rabbit who weighs only three pounds. Even though he is small it does not stop him from playing with his other friends, a dog and two cats. He loves to cuddle up with the dog on a bed and rest and he also enjoys tormenting the cats by chasing them. When he is relaxed the cats will come up and groom the top of his head, which is very sweet to watch. Sometimes the dog will try to give him kisses, but her tongue is bigger than his head, so he gets more of a bath than kisses!

    Harley is very active and lively when he is at home, but he is very good about being relaxed and calm when he is on visits, even if people pet him a little too roughly. Somehow he knows when to behave and when he can let loose and be wild. He loves to climb and explore and it is not uncommon for him to spring about and do little leaps in mid air. When it is warm out, he like to go for walks in the yard on his leash. Harley's favorite activities are playing catch with paper balls, exploring his surroundings, chewing apple sticks and visiting people. His favorite snacks are lettuce, carrots, celery leaves, parsley and bananas. He does not really like cabbage and broccoli, though.

    Harley has not only brought joy to the people he has visited, but also to me. He is very good at cheering me up and being there for a cuddle when I need one. Harley is the perfect rabbit and I could not ask for anything more. He is such a special guy and I am so proud of everything he has done.

Harley, the Pet of the Day View more images of Harley!
Harley, the Pet of the Day
Harley, the Pet of the Day
Harley, the Pet of the Day
Harley, the Pet of the Day

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