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MnM, the Pet of the Day
Name: MnM
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lionhead, Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Canada
   My name is Farane and this is my bunny MnM. Some reasons that make him special is that he is a indoor Bunny - no being stuck in a hutch outdoors for him! He runs around in our living room, and goes behind the couches and the good thing is he doesn't chew on anything! Whenever I'm bored, I go to MnM and we play together downstairs in the basement. He knows games like Tag, Hide and Seek, Soccer, etcetera. MnM Loves to sniff and whenever he wants attention, he either nudges our feet or taps his foot. He also loves salad, and carrots of course! And in the summer, we put him on a leash and walk him in our garden for exercise. He gets lots of love and is special to my whole family, and we love him lots and he loves us too!

MnM, the Pet of the Day
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MnM, the Pet of the Day
MnM, the Pet of the Day
MnM, the Pet of the Day

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