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Bei-Bei, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bei-Bei
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf sheep
Home: Chechnya, Russia
   My Sheep Bei-Bei or Bischti is eight months old and he's my best friend. His fur is black. He is usually sleeping and eating the whole day. He is only about as big as a dog, because he is a dwarf sheep. And his horns are very small and soft at the moment, as he is still a baby. He is very crazy, and mischievous (he went one time to our Mayor's yard and ate his grass)!

    Bei-Bei is very special, because he likes playing ball games and he loves salt pretzels. I can talk him about all my problems. When I come home from school he usually give me sweet kisses. I love him, he is really my best friend!

    I get worried is Bei-Bei is sick, once we noticed he must be hungry, but he didn't eat his food. We were worried about him and planned to take him to the animal clinic. A sheep cannot tell you in words how he feels, so we have to pay attention to other things to know! He is better now, thank goodness and he's eating more, which is lucky because he doesn't like going to the hospital.

Bei-Bei, the Pet of the Day

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