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Riley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Riley
Age: One year, one month old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Skunk
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Riley is an independent fellow. Though he loves to be brushed, cuddled and watch tv with me, he also likes to make a nuisance of himself. Like any stubborn young boy if he isn't getting what he wants he will make himself a distraction until he gets it. This could be it running circles around my feet while I clean or pulling items off of shelves and hiding them in his house. Anything to get attention, good or bad! He goes for walks outside on his leash, and enjoys sniffing every inch of ground as he goes!

    His favorite activities include playing hide and seek and chasing the cats around the room. Of course the cats keep coming back for more, enjoying the game themselves. I had worked with several skunks during my internships and hadn't imagined I could have one myself until a friend brought their new baby skunk home. I immediately started doing my research and preparing for such an unusual pet and my Riley well well worth the time and wait. Friendly, unusual and playful as can be, he is both a challenge and a joy to have in my family.

Riley, the Pet of the Day
Riley, the Pet of the Day

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