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Viper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Viper
Age: One year, three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gerbil
Home: Grisons, Switzerland
   This is my gerbil Viper. He is like an architect, because he likes to create and redecorate his home very much (and this from his brothers) every day in a new style. Viper has got two brothers, Diesel and Nike. Diesel is black, with a white tie and his other brother Nike is white and caramel. Together they're very loud when they play and they like peanuts very much! Every evening when I'm going to watch TV, then they start to be loud and play together, so much so that I can't hear what the people on the TV are saying. You would not think something so small could be so noisy, but it's true!

   Viper likes when you give him attention, take him out and things like that. And he often plays with his brothers. He also likes to gnaw on wood, or on the interior. His brothers like the hamster wheel but Viper doesn't. And he also likes it when he gets the first peanut. Then he's very happy! Because Diesel and Nike also want the peanut first, it's not always easy for me to be fair!

   Viper doesn't like it when you clean his home. Then he gets a little bit angry, like he wants to say, "That's my home, not yours!" and has to rebuild it the way he prefers.

    They all have different personalities and characteristics. Viper is the architect, Diesel is the athlete and Nike ... Nike is the shy one, who is gonna be also an architect in training and a lesser athlete than Diesel. I love Viper and his brothers very much!

Viper, the Pet of the Day

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