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Abbie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Abbie
Age: 21 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cob Horse
Home: Marple, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
   This is my Horse Friend Abbie (though I often call her Abbiecakes). She's 21 years old and we share the same birthday and we're the same age too! She is very special to me as I have social anxieties, but since I got her I have been able to go out with her alone without the company of a family member. She makes me feel safe and she's the reason I smile every day.

    She is a grumpy madam at times but I love her. We can't do a lot of extreme riding because of her arthritis, but I wouldn't change her for a younger model for the world! I'm so happy to keep her shiny and pampered all the way through her twilight years as a gentle hill side trail hacker. Even though we are meant to take it easy at all times, we had a slight gallop away from a Horse-eating donkey that neither of us saw until it had snuck up behind us and screamed ... We flew like the wind and almost all the way home, luckily we calmed ourselves down and walked it off laughing!

Abbie, the Pet of the Day
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Abbie, the Pet of the Day
Abbie, the Pet of the Day

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