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Herman, the Pet of the Day
Name: Herman
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peruvian Long Haired Guinea Pig
Home: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
   I would like to introduce my piggy Herman! Herman is special to me because he was a rescue from a friend, so I don't know exactly how old he is. He also has a very unique personality. Whenever I come home from work he always greets me with a little "Week! Week!" noise and he runs around in circles. Herman is also very smart as well. We have a hanging feeder in the cage and we put the food in the top and he shakes the bottom with his mouth to get the food out. He always loves to cuddle and he purrs when I pet him under his chin. I had never owned a guinea pig until now and I am so glad I have him.

    Herman loves getting brushed. He is also the sweetest guinea pig you will ever meet :) He is very affectionate. He is a very social animal and loves cuddles and kisses. Sadly he doesn't know any tricks. It is a little hard to teach them to him, but I have tried! I love him very much.

Herman, the Pet of the Day

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