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Ramsey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ramsey
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Ramsey is a young male ferret who came into my hands at two and a half months old. When I first observed him, he was underweight and you could feel his bones whenever you laid your hands on him. He was lethargic and unhappy, anyone would have noticed. Many people would have avoided him; after all, purchasing a sick animal from a pet store isn't the smartest choice. When I personally held him in my arms, I immediately knew this kit would grow into an amazing adult. Despite the pleas that escaped from my peers' mouths, I purchased this little fellow and took him home with me.

    Through proper care and handling, Ramsey gained weight and grew into a handsome, young male with a wonderful temperament. Even his coat is luxurious and smooth; people who pet him always comment on how soft his coat is. He is one of the sweetest ferrets you could ever meet: gentle, calm, and docile. Of course, he does have his ferrety traits, such as stealing things and hiding them, but he loves cuddles with people more than anything. He prefers to be by your side at all times! Like any other ferret, he is curious and adventurous, but never once has he ever shown any signs of aggression. Even though he was neglected as a kit and handled roughly, he is always gentle with everyone. I have never experienced any behavioral issues; he didn't even have teething problems! He has grown into such a gorgeous ferret, he's a star wherever he goes.

    Ramsey today loves to chase things, especially brooms. He has a habit of stealing things; such as earphones, pencil cases, keys, plastic bags, and of course, socks! Not to mention, he has a habit of sticking his tongue out whenever he sleeps. He loves to lie and sleep in people's arms or soft fabric and wrestling. Not only is he a sweetheart, but incredibly smart as well. He was fully potty trained within two weeks, learned to roll over in two days, and is now constantly learning new tricks. Despite the unfortunate past that he had experienced, he has matured into a fantastic ferret whom I couldn't love more or more proudly call my own.

    Jada Lee is a friend of mine and always accompanies me whenever I take him outdoors, so she's the one who took these photos. Ramsey sure is a funny one, I always look forward to seeing him whenever I come home. Just like a dog, he waits for me in his cage and always greets me by war dancing around my feet whenever I let him out. He really is a bundle of joy!

Ramsey, the Pet of the Day
Ramsey, the Pet of the Day

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