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Pet of the Day
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Sally, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sally
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Paint Horse
Home: USA
   This is Sally, although her full registered name is "Impress Me Sally." Sally is a registered American Paint Horse and she is just amazing. We live out on six acres in the USA.

    I bought her at the age of four and spent five years training her to be my all-around horse. She has lived up to my goal, she is an English, Western, and Speed horse. I couldn't ask for a better best friend. I have won many awards with her and she is incredibly tolerant of me and even allows me to put all her 1st place ribbons on her face. She's super social too.

    Sally is a wonderful babysitter for little kids lessons or just my little sisters riding her. She has changed my life in so many ways I can't even put it into words. Her markings on one of her shoulders looks like an upside down Scottie dog. I love paints for that reason, finding shapes in their markings. Every paint horse is like his or her own individual finger print. No two paints are exactly the same. She is definitely unique and part of my family

    Some of her special tricks are if I am running around the arena she will chase me at a dead run but never run me over. She also knows how to bow.

    She is my first true horse but really my third "horse" as I had two little ponies before her but I outgrew them. I bought her mainly because I needed a nice show horse that was young and pretty and super smart. She was the one!

Sally, the Pet of the Day
Sally, the Pet of the Day

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